I’m a little confused about the measuring instructions to fix my sagging cushion

OK, it is a little confusing because there are two aspects to this at first. On the one hand, you want to TEST that this solution is going to work for you. So you want an insert small enough to insert fit inside your cushion cover so that you can see the results for the […] Read More

I bought 6 of these and put them under my cushions and they only worked for a couple of weeks.

This is a DIY solution… not suited for point & click cushion counters looking for a miracle fix without first following the 3 steps. No, it won’t work by placing under the cushions.  Any boost you might get will be short lived.  This solution requires studying the photos, reading and measuring to evaluate your situation […] Read More

This worked pretty well but it seems pricy for a piece of foam

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My insert is bending and warping after just a few days.

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