How long will this recliner repair last?

We’ve been doing this same repair for decades with different materials… but it wasn’t until we discovered this very durable cross-linked material that we felt comfortable sharing this repair kit solution with others. Your seat foam will continue to sag over time at about the same rate it has – the idea is to extend the […] Read More

Is there a weight limit for the recliner repair?

There is and there isn’t. What we found is that individuals over a certain weight simply can’t feel a big difference where a lighter person can after a repairing the same chair. Firmness has increased for one while the other can’t tell any difference. This weight limit in our case studies was hard to determine […] Read More

How does this recliner repair work?

It does two things.  It bridges across the springs strengthening them, and it pushes up against the foam above the springs to compress your remaining foam density.  How much remaining foam density you have left affects your results.   Read More

What if my recliner is sagging on one side?

Most of the time that is the result of a broken spring clip but it’s easy to determine on a recliner by just turning it upside down and inspecting the springs.  If that’s the case this repair will not do any good until you first repair the spring clip. Read More