SagsAway insert for sofas, couches, and loveseats

If it appears you need multiple units, unit one first and see how it works. Not only is it easier to return one if it doesn’t work, one may be enough. You also need at least 2″ of remaining foam height when sitting.

You bought the wrong solution. This is to be inserted inside your zippered cushion cover. If you just lay it under your cushions, any boost you might get will be shorted lived as the insert settles into the spring deck.

This unique material has been laser shaved for each thickness while leaving the natural skin for added rigidity. It’s then laser cut again for size. Heat fusing is also required to make the 1.5″ thickness.

This occurs when you place it under the cushion rather than inside the cushion cover. Bending or continuing to sag while inserted means you have a broken seat spring or the spring is too weak.

That occurs when you have less than 2″ of remaining foam density. For example, a 4″ cushion height with a 3″ sag measurement while sitting leaves only 1″ so there isn’t enough to compress.

Before you return it, first re-read the product listing and product description again to see if you missed something. Then, call us. We want to help – even if it doesn’t involve using our products.

This is a DIY solution where you determine and control how much thickness support you need and then customize to fit any size cushion. You can cut with a straightedge and a utility knife, or good scissors.

Many times it’s because the product was not used correctly and placed under the cushion instead of installed inside to compress the foam firmness. Sometimes, measurements aren’t done correctly.

SagsAway insert for recliner support

This repair kit solution is meant to extend the life of your recliner, it isn’t a permanent fix. Your seat foam will continue to sag over time at about the same rate it has – but your favorite chair be with you longer.

There is and there isn’t. What we found is that individuals over a certain weight simply can’t feel a big difference where a lighter person can after repairing the same chair.

It bridges across the springs strengthening them, and it pushes up against the foam above the springs to compress your remaining foam density. How much remaining foam density you have left affects your results.

That’s often due to a broken spring clip. It’s easy to determine on a recliner by turning it upside down and inspecting the springs. If that’s the case this repair will not do any good until you first repair the spring clip.

SagsAway insert for mattress

That depends on your sag measurements. You have the size of the inserts to compare to the size of your sagging area. Some do use just one insert, some use 2, 3 and even 4 depending on their situation.

Everyone thinks their mattress sag is deeper than it actually is, making measurement critical. The Standard is often enough with maybe a posture zone adjustment for the actual depth or size of a sag.