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91jdzprfoel-_sl1500_-178x300We are retired from a 74 yr. family furniture and mattress business. I worked it for 30 years and my husband for over 40 years. We have pictures of him at the store working with his dad at age 5, and growing up in a furniture store means learning how to repair sagging furniture.

Most of our customer complaints were sofa cushions that break down and body impression sags on a mattress. So, here we were, retired from the furniture business and having the same issues.

We started trying to find a solution for our sagging mattress and 2 sofas. We ordered products on the market and nothing worked. We spent the next year testing different materials.

Typical comfort foam would break down as it had originally and materials that were too hard would actually accelerate sagging. Finally, we discovered a foam tested by the government for military and aerospace use. While not impressive to look at, it had the cushioning and rigidity characteristics needed.

We began sharing the results with others, and focused on a solution that worked for most people and not price. The value would be extending the life of the furniture or mattress and delaying the expense of buying new. This military grade material will outlast your current furniture and can be used on your next – which makes it a tremendous value.

We never imagined how much effort would be involved in doing this let alone how much warehouse space would be required.  We are very proud of the fact that it is 100% made in America!

No Sags offers a simple customizable DIY solution to a complex problem where everyone’s situation is different. We’ve spent our entire lives dealing with this issue, and are delighted that it is effective for about 80% of those who follow the 3 easy steps and use our products as intended.

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A Simple Cost Effective

Sagging Cushion Support

Works by inserting INSIDE your cushion cover!
A Patented Customizable Solution
Because Every Sag is Different

A PATENTED solution to extend the life of your sagging sofa, loveseat or chair. Extremely Easy To Do: Simply unzip your cushion cover, slide in a No Sags insert and zip it back up.

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A Simple Cost Effective

Sagging Mattress Support

Targeted Under Mattress Support
Patent Pending Customized Solution
Because Every Sag is Different

Tremendous value if you can delay buying a new mattress. Everyone thinks their sag is deeper than it actually is. Begin by measuring your visible sag depth.  Add the same thickness of under-mattress support to create a level sleeping surface.

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