Test your Spring Deck

Make sure your furniture spring deck is in good shape. Remove the seat cushions and push down or sit on it to test under each cushion and gauge how much it sinks or sags.

The amount of sag will remain the same regardless, even if you replace your cushions. SagsAway UltraBlue is used to restore your existing cushion foam and delay buying new furniture.

Customize for any size seat cushion

Because this goes inside your zippered cover, you can customize for any size cushion. This solution is all about compression of your remaining foam density, and the results are the same regardless of how many pieces you use for cushion coverage.

If needed, cut and trim to fit (or) customize for larger cushions by purchasing an extra insert for additional filler material. Can be cut with a straight edge, utility knife, and good scissors.

Usually, you don’t need to cover parts of the cushion not sat on, like under the back cushions or the “T” on a cushion. First Try One – TEST RESULTS to see if this is a viable solution for you.