Performance tested for over 7 years, used by thousands

Over Time, Furniture Seat Cushions Sag and Become Uncomfortable

Don’t throw money away on brand new furniture. Try SagsAway UltraBlue – The patented DIY cushion repair kit!

The simple DIY solution for improving the comfort of your favorite spot in the house

Each repair kit comes with a one-and-a-half-inch thick triple-layer heat fused foam insert and a 1/2″ Posture Zone insert. Use the 1.5-inch thick cushion insert first and add the posture zone now or later for extra support where you need it most. Made in the USA.

One kit restores one cushion. View photos and watch videos to see what SagsAway UltraBlue can do for you!

One-Pack-Main-Image w New Label Cushion Removed

Regular: 20x18x1.5"

Large: 27x20x1.5"

X-Large: 35x22x1.5"

Simply unzip your cushion

Run your hand inside the cushion to separate the fabric away from the fabric to allow you to insert between the cover and seat cushion foam.

Check inside your cover for any obstruction that would keep you from using this solution.

Slide between the cushion and bottom cover

Position the SagsAway UltraBlue insert for coverage where your weight impacts the cushion most and how you normally sit.

Don’t be timid, work it in little by little, the tighter the fit the better your results.

Zip up your cushion cover and enjoy

Once the SagsAway UltraBlue is in the cushion, kneel on the cushion or use a friend to squeeze together while zipping it up.

We are here to help. If you have any questions, take advantage of our 40 years of furniture experience.

Always put the insert INSIDE the cushion, never under it

SagsAway UltraBlue is designed to compress your cushion foam within the cushion cover. If you simply lay this under your cushion, it will not work long term and you will not get the desired, lasting effects as the product conforms and settles. Anything you lay on top of the spring deck just rides up and down on the deck and does nothing to help weakened cushion foam.

SagsAway UltraBlue offers an express 30-day warranty consistent with Amazon return policies. If our DIY solution doesn’t work for you, simply return it in the condition you received it. 

Test your spring deck

Make sure your furniture spring deck is in good shape. Remove the seat cushions and push down or sit on it to test under each cushion and gauge how much it sinks or sags.

That amount of sag will remain the same regardless, even if you replace your cushions. SagsAway UltraBlue is used to restore your existing cushion foam and delay buying new furniture. 

Measure your cushion to get the right size

SagsAway UltraBlue inserts are 1.5 inches thick and come in three (3) different sizes. Measure the length and width of your cushion for the size that is closest, yet small enough to fit inside your cover.

Once you try it, customize for any size. Trim with a utility knife and good scissors.

Zip up your cushion cover and enjoy

Use the Posture Zone for extra support where you need it. Toward the front, in the middle, or near the back. Provides an extra boost to the area where your weight impacts the cushion the most. 

Will not break down over time like cushion foam does

Super tough foam to restore your furniture's comfort

The comfort foam in your cushion will continue to deteriorate as it has. This compression-tested military-grade material will not. Your cushions can only perform as well as the foundation under them, combined with the current weakness of your existing foam. SagsAway UltraBlue is not about stiffness, it’s about the thickness needed to compress your remaining cushion foam. Simply try one insert to know if your furniture is too far gone for this to work. 

If so, return it. Even when you eventually replace your furniture, hang onto your SagsAway UltraBlue inserts to use when that new cushion foam starts to wear down. Just try it…performance tested for 7 years and used by thousands.

The manufacturing process

SagsAway UltraBlue is unique because of a patented, closed-cell, military-grade foam formulated to compress your remaining foam density inside your zippered cover to restore comfort and renew appearance.