Follow 3 easy steps and watch the video (before you order) to enjoy restored comfort and support. Far superior because you target the visable sag or weak spot to push up and fill in from under your mattress for the sag depth you measured.

A DIY solution for innerspring or latex matteresses only, to create a level sleeping surface. You measure your sag depth and you determine the thickness of support you need. Does not work for sags much less than 1″ or much over 2″ deep.

This is a DIY solution: You measure your sag depth – works only on innerspring or latex mattress. Determine the thickness of support you need. Cannot work on a memory foam mattress.

Some sags are simply too deep for this to work. Anything over 3″ deep is not a sag, it’s a crater and it’s time to buy a new mattress. It’s simply a matter of inserting the right amount of support for the sag depth you measured for. You determine and control how much support you need.

Follow the 3 steps and measure before you order so you won’t be disappointed. Try one first to see how your mattress responds. Then, if you like results, you can customize further to completely eliminate a sag using posture zones.

Step 1

First, know what type of mattress you have. Only works on innerspring and latex mattresses up to 14″ thick.
types of mattress

Step 2

Measure the depth of your sag using a yardstick and tape measure as shown in the photo.
depth of sag

Step 3

Choose either the 1″ thick standard or the 1.5″ thick standard deep insert.

Once you determine your sag depth if you need additional support you would use a posture zone.

Use a 1″ posture zone to extend the length of a standard insert to 37″ by placing it at one end, allowing 2″ between. Rotating your mattress can actually elongate a sag (27+2+8=37)

Target deeper sags usually in the hip area, providing additional support by placing them over or under a standard insert.

Target sags at the end of the bed or the side of the bed, or whatever someone might sit repeatedly, breaking down the edge.