Save a Fortune and Use SagsAway to Extend the Life of Your Bed

SagsAway foam supports restore the firmness of your mattress for a fraction of the cost of a new mattress!

Simple, Easy, and No-Hassle to Install

SagsAway is perfect to restore sinking cushions and mattresses. Slide it under your sags and comfort is restored.

Customize for Your Comfort Needs

Mattress sags appear unpredictably, so SagsAway comes with three stackable pieces to target sags.

Make Your Mattress Feel New

Fix uncomfortable and ugly sags in your bed. SagsAway military-grade foam can solve your mattress sags.

Target deeper sags usually in the hip area, providing additional support by placing them over or under a standard insert.

Target sags at the end of the bed or the side of the bed, or whatever someone might sit repeatedly, breaking down the edge.

One Insert to Directly Target Your Sag

Lots of folks just need a little support to restore their mattress to its original comfort and beauty and start getting a better night’s sleep. Start with one insert directly under the deepest part of your sag and test your results.

Stack Together for Extra Deep Sags

If the biggest insert doesn’t quite get the job done for you, try stacking the included supplemental posture zone supports where you need them most. Keep testing until it feels right.

Staggered for Long or Multiple Sags

Maybe you have one major sag and one less deep sag. In that case, use the main insert and one additional posture zone if needed, and use the other to rectify any other saggy spots in your mattress.

This is a DIY solution: You measure your sag depth – works only on innerspring or latex mattress. Determine the thickness of support you need. Cannot work on a memory foam mattress.

Some sags are simply too deep for this to work. Anything over 3″ deep is not a sag, it’s a crater and it’s time to buy a new mattress. It’s simply a matter of inserting the right amount of support for the sag depth you of your mattress. You determine and control how much support you need. Try one first to see how your mattress responds. Then, if you like results, you can customize further to completely eliminate a sag using posture zones.