Sagging Recliner Support Instructions

How to Install: Instructions for SagsAway Recliner Support

It is highly recommended to insert SagsAway with the help of a second pair of hands to safely pull on the springs while you insert the SagsAway support pads.
Sagging Recliner Support Instructions

Step 1

Turn the recliner over and check that you have zig-zag springs (as shown). This will not work with broken seat springs, strap webbing, or coil spring construction (found in big man’s chairs).

Step 2

Install by turning the recliner upside-down with the footrest extended. Feed the SagsAway specialized foam material above the seat springs to compress foam density in the cushion above.

Step 3

You can install different thickness configurations depending on the severity of your sag. Stack 1, 2, or 3 pieces thick until you get the amount of support desired. There is no need to cover or support the entire seat area.