Support for Your Sagging Reclining Furniture


Read and Follow the 3 STEPS and Watch Video (before you order) to Significantly Improve a Sagging Recliner, Reclining Couch or Reclining Loveseat. Installs to push up and rest against the seat cushion above the springs to Increase Firmness and Support.

This Patent Protected DIY solution may be more difficult than you want to tackle. But, it’s the only option we know of to avoid taking it completely apart to replace the foam on a tight-seat recliner.

If you stack 3 of these for 1.5″ of thickness, and you don’t feel any results, you don’t have any foam left.  It’s time for a new recliner.

NOTE: foam that gets wet tends to mat down or be flattened out and there is usually not enough density left to compress and increase firmness. Package includes one repair kit to restore one recliner seat.





Step 1. BEFORE YOU ORDER turn it over and inspect the seat springs. Check that you have the same zig zag springs as shown in the photo.

This will not work with a broken seat spring. If you find a broken spring repair it first. Will not work with strap webbing or coil spring construction used on what is often referred to as a big mans chair.

Evaluate your situation for how bad your cushion foam is? You need some foam density left before this can do much good.







TESTED: We’ve been repairing recliners using this same basic method and have decades of experience in the furniture industry. But, this is a DIY repair kit and is a little more involved than you may want to tackle.

It entails turning your reclining furniture up-side down and feeding a specialized foam material under the seat springs.

Slowly work it across by hand, using no tools. It’s not complicated or that difficult to do, but is easier using 2 people. One pulls up on a spring while the other pushes and pulls it across inch by inch.





Step 2. Installs by turning the recliner up-side down with the Foot Rest Extended and feeding a specialized foam material above the seat springs to compress foam density in the cushion above. Warning: Failure to extend the footrest could lead to losing a finger.

This foam material has the durability to rest against the seat springs, yet have the cushioning ability needed to compress the remaining foam to increase firmness.






Step 3. You can install in different thickness configurations. STACK 1, 2 or 3 pieces thick until you get the amount of support you need.

There is no need to cover or support the entire seat area.  Focus the support where your weight impacts the seat.

CASE STUDIES found that results diminish with less sensitivity to the added support for individuals as their weight surpasses 290 lbs. Others were simply thrilled with the noticeable improvement.




3 pc. Repair Kit: 6″ x 18″ x ½” each. Made in the USA. Try one first to test your results. It’s up to you to evaluate your sagging recliner and decide if this is worth a try. Instructions and a phone number for support are included.  If you don’t achieve the results others have, give us a call.

This solution is NOT for everyone: This is a DIY repair kit.  NOTICE: Turn the item over and view underneath before ordering and inspect your seat springs.

Order: (1) Sagging Recliner Support – Seat Cushion Repair Kit for each Recliner Seat and Test your Results First. A tremendous value if you can delay buying a new furniture. Made in the USA. SagsAway name and logo are registered trademarks of No Sags Inc.


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