Restores a sagging recliner seat cushion by using a durable, yet cushioning, material installed above the seat springs. The SagsAway recliner support rests against the seat cushion from below to increase seat firmness.

We’ve been repairing recliners using this same basic method and have decades of experience in the furniture industry. But, this is a DIY repair kit and is a little more involved than you may want to tackle.

sagsaway recliner pack with hand showing foam plushness

Make your recliners and reclining furniture look and feel like new!

Fix uncomfortable ugly sags in your recliner to restore its beauty. SagsAway chair pads are the best sinking seat saving repair tool.

To install, fully extend the footrest of your recliners

Use only on attached seats with zig-zag style springs (and only if these coils are not broken). Then, install SagsAway to restore the comfort and appearance of your recliner.

No tools required!

However, multiple pairs of strong hands will help! Recliner springs are very stiff and it helps when one person pulls on the springs while the other inserts the SagsAway pad (and don’t pull it through with pliers or other tools that will damage the foam).

Extend the life of your furniture instead of buying an entirely new recliner!

Replacing a recliner seat is expensive. SagsAway compresses the stuffing to restore firmness and comfort for a fraction of the cost to replace the entire piece of furniture. SagsAway chair pads are the best sinking seat saving repair tool.

Read and follow the steps and watch the video (before you order) to improve your reclining furniture. The package includes one repair kit to restore one recliner seat.

Step 1

Turn the recliner over and check that you have zig-zag springs (as shown). This will not work with broken seat springs, strap webbing, or coil spring construction (found in big man’s chairs).

Sagging Recliner Support Instructions

Step 2

Install by turning the recliner upside-down with the footrest extended. Feed the SagsAway specialized foam material above the seat springs to compress foam density in the cushion above.

person is pulling on springs under the recliner to put a sagsaway in

Step 3

You can install different thickness configurations depending on the severity of your sag. Stack 1, 2, or 3 pieces thick until you get the amount of support desired. There is no need to cover or support the entire seat area.

To install, slowly work it across by hand, using no tools. It’s not complicated or that difficult to do, but is easier using 2 people. One pulls up on the springs while the other pushes and pulls it across inch by inch.

The repair kit contains three 6″ x 18″ x .5″ pieces. Made in the USA. Try one first to test your results. Instructions and a phone number for support are included.

We recommend that you order one sagging recliner support seat cushion repair kit for each recliner seat and test your results first. Our kit offers a tremendous value if you can delay buying new furniture. 

MADE IN THE USA! We are proud to use United States labor and military-grade materials from the USA to create all of our products.