For Sofa Cushions, Recliners, and Mattresses!

Help for your sagging furniture is here!

We developed SagsAway after 40 years of experience in the furniture and mattress industry and now enjoy helping people understand how to solve their sagging issues with a DIY solution. SagsAway products are sold exclusively on Amazon.

Because every sag is different.

Extend the life of your sagging sofa, loveseat or chair. Simply unzip your cushion cover, slide in “SagsAway UltraBlue” and zip it back up.

Extend the life of your mattress.

A patent protected DIY solution that inserts between your mattress and box to directly target a visible sag.
*Not for Memory Foam Beds

Do it yourself!

SagsAway increases foam firmness on a tight-seat recliner without taking it apart. Use it for a sagging recliner,  reclining couch, or reclining loveseat.
Just extend the footrest, turn the recliner over, and feed the specialized foam material above the seat springs to compress foam density in the cushion above.

40 years of experience in the furniture and mattress industry

We are here to help!

We are retired from a 74 yr. family furniture and mattress business and grew up repairing and working on furniture and now use that experience to benefit you.

Most of our customer complaints during that time were sofa cushions that break down and body impression sags on a mattress. After retiring from the furniture industry, we were having the same sagging issues. We used that time to search for a solution that would far outlast the useful life of your furniture and could be removed and then used again on the next.

We found typical polyurethane foam used in cushions and for comfort in mattresses was going to break down again just as it did. So instead, we use a closed-cell polyethylene foam tested by the government for military use and formulated with the ideal cushioning and recovery characteristics needed for this purpose.

We began sharing our results with others and focused on a solution that worked for most people and not focused on price. The value would come from extending the usable life of your furniture or mattress and delaying the expense of buying new. We are very proud of the fact that it is 100% made in America!

SagsAway by No Sags Inc offers simple, customizable DIY solutions to complex problems where everyone’s situation is different. We provide detailed instructions, video, photos, and phone support for further assistance. If you have any difficulty or want to improve your results, please give us a call at the phone number on the product label. You will speak with Belinda the cofounder of this solution, not some call center.

SagsAway Ultrablue… performance tested for 7 years and used by thousands.