Step 1

Identify where your mattress sags the most

It’s time to restore your mattress to its former glory!

Is it sagging in one main spot, or is the sag long in shape?

Step 2

Install the largest pad under the deepest and weakest part of the mattress sag

Place the largest insert directly underneath the source of the sag and above the box spring!

Step 3

Do you have a long sag? 

If the largest SagsAway insert does not cover enough of the sag’s surface area, use one of the secondary extender pads to provide better support to the entire surface are of the sag.

Step 4

If the sag is extra deep (up to 2″), stack the secondary pad

(This also works if you like for your mattress to be extra-firm.)

Whether the sag is in the middle or edge of the mattress, this targeted support can make an old mattress support like new!