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Recliner Cushion Restoration and Repair - 4 Piece DIY Kit

Recliner Cushion Restoration and Repair - 4 Piece DIY Kit

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SagsAway Recliner Seat Cushion Restoration Kit — Make Your Chair Feel Like New

SagsAway is the sagging furniture solution for sofa cushions, recliners, and mattresses! SagsAway foam DIY repair kits make your reclining furniture look and feel like new. Fix those uncomfortable ugly sags in your recliner and restore its comfort and support.

SagsAway is the product of 40 years of furniture industry experience, so you know we value comfort!

Features and Product Details:

  • Easy to Install (no tools!)
  • Makes furniture cushions feel like new
  • Military grade foam to add thickness and delay replacing sofa, measure for size to fit inside cover
  • Saves you money by extending the lifespan of your furniture
  • Made in the USA!
  • Green-friendly (repair, don't replace!)
  • 4 SagsAway inserts in each kit
  • Each insert measures 18 x 6 x 1/2 inches

SagsAway chair pads are the ultimate sinking or sagging seat saving repair tool

How to Install SagsAway for Recliners:

Fully extend footrest, use only on attached seats with zig zag springs. (This will not work if coils are broken.) Invert recliner and extend footrest, weave as many inserts as needed between bottom of the seat cushion and the zig zag springs

This installation doesn't require any tools, but a second set of strong hands to hold the recliner springs during installation is advised.

Insert one, test your results, and add more as needed!

Will it Work with My Recliner?

SagsAway for recliners is deigned to restore the seat cushions for recliners with permanently sewn-in zig zag spring recliner seat cushions.

We are proud to use labor and military grade materials from the united states in creating all our products.

SagsAway also makes cushion and comfort restoration kits for mattresses and sofas!



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