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Sofa Cushion Restoration and Repair - DIY Kit - 3 Sizes

Sofa Cushion Restoration and Repair - DIY Kit - 3 Sizes

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SagsAway Sofa Seat Cushion Restoration Kit — Make Your Sofa Feel Like New

SagsAway is the sagging furniture solution for sofa cushions, recliners, and mattresses! SagsAway foam DIY repair kits make your reclining furniture look and feel like new. Fix those uncomfortable and ugly sags in your sofa and restore its comfort and support.

SagsAway is the product of 40 years of furniture industry experience, so you know we value comfort and proper support!

Features and Product Details:

  • Easy to Install (no tools!)
  • Makes sofa cushions feel like new
  • Military grade foam to add thickness and delay replacing sofa, measure for size to fit inside cover
  • Saves you money by extending the lifespan of your furniture
  • Made in the USA!
  • Green-friendly (repair, don't replace!)
  • Restores thickness and comfort for a fraction of the cost to replace an entire sofa
  • 1.5 inch thick cushion inserts with .5 inch supplemental support
  • Supplemental posture zone included to maximize restorative effects
  • 1 DIY repair kit restores 1 cushion, so only buy as many as you need

SagsAway chair pads are the ultimate sinking or sagging seat saving repair tool. 

How to Install SagsAway for Sofas and Couches:

Just insert inside zippered cushion! (Never place under the cushion — it won't work and will not feel as comfortable.) It's that easy, but you can watch our video tutorial on proper installation to see for yourself!

Before you order watch our video for a tutorial on how to properly insert SagsAway inside your zippered cushion cover. 

Will it Work with My Sofa?

SagsAway for sofas comes in three different sizes for the perfect fit. Measure your sofa cushions to find the right size for you!

Over time, your cushion foam will continue to compress. Use the .5 inch posture zone to further restore your cushion as needed.

 We are proud to use labor and military grade materials from the united states in creating all our products.

SagsAway also makes cushion and comfort restoration kits for mattresses and recliners!

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